Using this Forum

This Forum is for scholars in the humanities and sciences to share their ideas and research. The Forum offers specialists as well as members of the public the opportunity to engage experts on questions concerning the meaning and significance, if any, of human life, especially at its edges.

Every two weeks an invited guest, our "Contributor," posts an essay of approximately 2500 words on a Monday. You are invited to reply for the next nine days, using the reply box below the essay. The Contributor will read all posts entered before 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on the second Tuesday after the post.

Responses of 300-500 words are the length most likely to be accepted for posting. Additional editorial policies are here. After discussion is closed, the Contributor concludes with a final comment.

Once closed, the essay and discussion threads remain accessible online indefinitely. Additional discussion is encouraged in the OTH Facebook group, here.